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Gambling on sports makes avid sport fans have a better time watching the game. Since their money is involved in the game’s result they feel very involved that the team they are rooting for should hopefully win.

Sport gambling is a fun way when friends get together for a big sporting event or can even be a big event in itself. You would be shocked that even the outcome of movie awards is gambled upon.

However, like all gambling games, sport gambling should not be relied upon to accumulate wealth. Instead sport gambling should be for fun only to make friends enjoy the game more.

Here are the few online gambling sites that are worth checking out if you are interested to make that bet on your favorite team:,, and BetOnSports and Sportsbook are even listed at the London Stock Exchange, while is recommended by Governor Jesse Ventura.

But because of all the fuss at online sports gambling as of late, some people wonder if it’s actually legal to gamble on sports. The latter part of this article explains if it is actually legal to gamble on sports online.

The US government has considered it illegal for people to gamble on sports even if the betting operators are offshore. However there are still no bills that have been passed to prevent such activity. Also attempts of bills of this nature have failed.

The US Federal government has placed much of the responsibility of sports gambling in the hands of individual states. Each state has different rules when it comes to online sports gambling. One thing they have in common is that these laws are loosely enforced. If an online sport gambler is caught he or she will only be charged with misdemeanor because their real targets are the online sport gambling operators.

There has been a legislation passed in the U.S. called the Wire Wager Act. In its most basic sense the law simply prohibits the wire transmission of money for gambling activities.

This law has been contended by many lawyers as the law is very vague and confusing. Some say that this legislation should be cleared up first. However, one clear thing about the law is that its impact is mostly on the online sport gambling sites and online casinos.

Bottom line is “Yes” online sports gambling are illegal. However the illegality of online sports gambling is only explicit in three U.S. states (Nevada, California and Louisiana). Despite the explicitness even in the three states, no one has actually been arrested for online sports gambling.

So you have nothing much to fear about getting arrested for online sports gambling. All you’d have to fear is not being able to manage your money when you gamble on sports online.

Have Fun and Don’t Worry!!

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